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Telemental Health

I provide Telemental Health counseling from my Lopez Office to non-Lopez residents. Generally, I combine in-person sessions with video conferencing sessions for those adults who wish to come to Lopez Island part of the time, and teleconference part of the time.  However due to the Cornonavirus outbreak, I am currently, only providing telemental health therapy.  If we do meet in-person then, there may be an additional expense for ferry services for the in-person/in-office sessions on Lopez.

The below list is what a client will need in order to participate in Telemental Health services.  There is a disclosure that clients will need to read and sign before participating in Telemental Health.  Most of the health insurance plans I accept will cover Telemental Health services, and a few cover telephone sessions. Clients who pay out-of-pocket, may participate as well, and phone sessions may also be available. When we discuss this service we will determine what will be covered by insurance companies.

I use Doxy.me for HIPAA secure video conferencing.

To be eligible to receive Telemental Health services you will need the following:

* A private space that will not be interrupted by people, animals, phones, or other devices.

* High Speed Internet.

* A computer with one of the most current browsers.

* The name and phone number of someone who I can contact in an emergency.

* A phone that can be contacted if the internet should go down.

* Lighting should be in front of you, and not behind you.

Washington State Law does not allow me to provide Telemental Health counseling to residents of other states.