Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, I am doing only telemental therapy from my Lopez Island office.  New telemental health services will be solely for adults. The insurance companies that I am an in-network provider for cover telemental health services.

I regret that I am currently not taking new clients.


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Currently, no workshops are scheduled.

Mandala Creation and Stress Reduction Session (currently unavailable in-person due to COVID-19)

(available to Lopez Island residents and out-of-state visitors as well as Washington State residents)

Take a day and do a Mandala retreat on Lopez Island.

This is a 90 minute, single, individual, mandala making session at the Lopez Island office. Enjoy a relaxing session, center yourself, and create your own unique Mandala. Then, spend some time exploring the beauty of Lopez Island.  If you can't take a whole day, then we can schedule a session that works best with the ferry schedule.

Mandalas as an art form exist world wide, and have a very long history in many cultures.  Mandala means “circle’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Symbolically, the circle is an ancient form that human cultures recognize through the rising and setting of the sun, the shape of the sun, moon, fire circles, the wheel, and many more objects in our lives. They are considered to have centering, meditative qualities, and their creation can facilitate stress reduction.  

The eminent psychologist Carl Jung, who studied mandalas and their psychological importance said, “The fact that images of this kind have under certain circumstances a considerable therapeutic effect on their authors is empirically proved and also readily understandable, in that they often represent very bold attempts to see and put together apparently irreconcilable opposites and bridge over apparently hopeless splits.  Even the mere attempt in this direction usually has a healing effect…”

I offer a 90 minute stress reducing, mandala creation session.  Included in this session are:

~ Guided relaxation and visualization techniques.

~ Instruction on making a mandala.

~ All of the art materials are included in the price.

~ A finished mandala (or close to finished) to take with you when you leave.

The cost of a Mandala Creation Session is $180.00.  I take cash, checks, Paypal, VISA, and Mastercard.  These sessions are not counseling sessions and therefore are not billable to insurance.

In addition to my fee, there will be the cost of a ferry ride from Anacortes.  You will need to make reservations through the Washington State Ferries.  You can do so as a guest if you do not ride the San Juan Island ferries regularly. Here is the link to the Washington State Ferries home page.

As part of your stress reduction you can make a day of your trip, and spend time on Lopez Island.  Depending on the day of the week, and the time, you may have a wait at the Lopez Ferry Landing for your return.  There are not services at the ferry landing, so bring some snacks, water, a good book, or relaxing music.  You can also explore the Upright Head Land Bank Preserve. The trails start at the top of, and across from the parking lot.

For more things to do and see on Lopez Island, check out the Chamber of Commerce website.

  Contact Artwellspring below:

COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Coaching Session

If you are self-quarantined in Washington State and anxious about COVID-19,  I offer a single, 1-hour, telehealth, coaching session to reduce anxiety, and increase healthy well-being.

This is not covered by insurance, and is $65.00 for the hour.  It also includes a list of resources and activities in pdf. format, emailed to you.

To schedule a time please complete an email request on my contact page.